A love letter to Sylt!

Everyone that has been to Sylt knows that there are a lot of beautiful spots on the island. For example, the Morsum Cliff, the Red Cliff in Kampen, Hörnum Odde or the Kapitänsdorf Keitum are some of my favorite spots. Sylt makes it easy for all visitors to find their own unique favorite place.

While traveling through Sylt I found one of those places for myself, List. List is known as the west beach, where both the heaths and dunes fascinated me.

I would love to share with you two of my favorite spots in List:

Dünen im Sonnenaufgang mit Nebel Sylt

List on Sylt – the West Beach

Driving down the Weststrandstraße is already a unique experience. This bumpy road was originally built for military purposes and is a witness to past wars on Sylt. Everywhere on the island you can find memories from both of the past two world wars. Sylt was an important military base due to its exposed location.
One of these remnants are the manatees which are found on the Blidselbucht of List which during the war were used for military target practice. If you ever drove from Kampen to List, you definitely noticed them.

Seekühe Sylt List

A fun fact about Weststrandstraße, is that this street has been featured in many movies. It’s no surprise though, as there are dunes on the left and right of the street and seeing them are breathtaking: watching the plants, wild Thyme, and dune grass swaying in the wind is incredible.
Especially in autumn or winter, the landscape is reminiscent of Scotland or Ireland.  If you ever manage to be there on a sunny and a foggy day, the atmosphere will be magical.

Weststrand Strasse List Sylt
Weststrand Duenen
Dünen im Listland auf Sylt

Take a Rest.

Take a rest on one of the parking spots along the beach entrances. From those entrences, you can easily get to the sea. While you’re here on the west side, you can feel how strong the window blows and the see the waves crash against the land, showing the sheer force of the North Sea.

When the sun rises behind the dunes early in the morning, you should wander here alone and have a private, reflective moment where you can enjoy this perfect, pristine moment.

For dawn romantics and photographers, you should gather here to watch the sun set and take pictures for your postcards to send to friends and family.

Spectacular sunsets also are no rarity, in the west, the orange fireball sets with a warm play of colors and at the same time the sky is covered with colorful blues, pinks, yellows and purples. Every single time I see the sunset, it manages to fascinate me.

Sonnenuntergang auf Sylt in List
Weststrand List Sonnenuntergang

List on Sylt – Ellenbogen

Here on the Ellenbogen is where the open sea and the mud flats join. On the way to the Ellenbogenspitze (tip of the Ellenbogen) you’re in a place that feels like two worlds, there are only a few meters to your left and right, and lots of sheep wander in between. This road is mainly used for tourists and cars, the sheep cross the street calmly and sometimes will even pose as models for photos.

Almost the whole area is a nature and bird reserve and has stayed this way due to it being privately owned. Follow me and let’s take a walk from the southern side of the Ellenbogen around the Eastend onto the northernmost point of Germany.

Schafe in List auf Sylt im Sonnenuntergang
Ellenbogen auf List Schafe Wolle am Zaun

Land ahoy!

Only 4km to the northeast is the island of Dane Rømø. Multiple times per day you can catch a ferry between List and Rømø.  While on the Ostspitze, you can get the best view of the ferry. It is such a strange sight, because the big ship looks almost close enough to touch when it passes the Ellenbogen.

Wattenmeer Ellenbogen List auf Sylt
Sternenhimmel Sylt

The Sea!

The Sea here is unpredictable and bathing is prohibited. Sometimes you can see seals appear and watch how they float with the currents. And if you are really lucky, a grey seal will be relaxing and lounging at the beach. But please keep your distance from these animals and give them a well-deserved rest.

Next, we’ll go onto Germany’s northernmost lighthouse, we will collect shells and take a relaxing break.

The Ellenbogen in List is the perfect spot to just let your soul rest, record memories on photos, and is a perfect destination for amorous couples and nature lover.

I Love Sylt! #german_hamptons

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  1. Wow, I have never heard of this place, but it looks like an amazing place to catch the sunset! And hey, if it’s the Hamptons of Germany, I will be sure to add it to my bucket list 😉

    • Fratuschi Reply

      Hi Mo,

      thank you for your comment! Oh yes, please add it to your bucket list.
      Sunny Greetings

  2. This is stunning. I have never heard of it, but now I feel like I have to go.

    I blooming love all your photos!

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