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About me and my travel blog

Hello, my name is Sabine.

Welcome to my travel blog dedicated to luxury travel and exclusive experiences.

My home

I grew up in a German region called the Ruhr area. Maybe that‘s why I‘ve always loved being at the fresh air, a fact that hans‘t changed much since my days in high school or while studying at university. Born in the 1970s, my generation has produced a few “digital natives”. It’s incredible that they knew already back then – in the 80s – that this nerdy stuff would change the whole world. For me, the internet kind of snuck into my life. Even in the 90s, it wasn’t as comfortable to use as it is today. In spite of my urge to be outside and a lack of any early computer affinity, traveling was not really a priority in my life. There were always more supposedly important things to do: university, degrees, my career—always more studies and career opportunities. I had no time and no real desire to discover the world and experience extraordinary things.

Now everything is different! It’s Fratuschi!

I was lucky enough to find and marry my great love. With my husband – who is a “Digital Native” – ​​I now travel the world. On one of our trips, “Fratuschi” was born. Fratuschi is an oriental fragrance. Fratuschi is an Italian piazza with flair. Fratuschi is a white silk scarf in the warm wind of the Indian Ocean. Fratuschi is the sunset in the Australian Outback. Fratuschi is everything that touches us deeply in the heart and is never forgotten.

Who I am

I am not a backpacker, but also not a traditional package tourist. I am not a do-gooder, but am still mindful. I am not a minimalist, but I do take delight in the small things. I run through the mud at noon in my rubber boots and dance through the night in my evening gown. I am not vegan, not a health guru, and have never gone somewhere „to find myself“. If you are looking for healthy eating tips, inner balance or some form of spiritual enlightenment, you won’t find it here. To anticipate the question, why I dislike these things: I don’t. But that’s just not me! In short, I like to enjoy and I am still grounded. Although still a bit delayed, I’m now also a digital nerd, and I’m happy to have brought this travel blog to life.

Travelblogger Fratuschi
I like small luxury hotels with charm, excellent service, impressive destinations and predictable adventure. Whether it is a beach holiday, a city trip, an adventure or a honeymoon, I seek out the most beautiful places, the special hotels and exclusive experiences that you will remember forever.

And I also have one small quirk: I love bathtubs! Read more in the section “Bathtubs of the world”.
Check out the „Welcome“ section to find out what else to expect on my blog, who else writes here, and if there is any advertising.

Do you have any questions or comments? Write me: sabine (at)fratuschi.com or check out my  Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy my travel and adventure posts!




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