Why you should travel to Australia despite the bush fires!

The pictures and news of the bush fires in parts of Australia have touched me deeply and I have to admit some tears have been shed.
Surely there are terrible disasters in many countries of the world, which make me very sad. But because I feel a deep connection with Australia and because I have visited some of the places that were overrun by the destructive fires and I have very personal memories of them, this natural disaster feels very close to me.
Just like Kangaroo Island. The island, which is also called “zoo without fences“, is one of the most beautiful places in the world for me. Nowhere else have I seen so many wild animals like kangaroos, seals or koalas in the wild.
And now almost a third of Kangaroo Island has fallen victim to bush fires.

Seals an der Seal Bay Kangaroo Island SeelöwenKangaroo Island vor FeuerIn the recent days I often think about Australia and ask myself what I can do.
The first thought: donations. For people who have lost everything, for reconstruction and for the organisations and environmental networks that care for the injured wildlife. But more about that later.
The next, not so catchy thought: Plan a trip to Australia now! But isn’t it somehow inappropriate and disrespectful to take a luxury trip to Down Under in these difficult times?

Support regional companies and organisations!

After all, it is the small luxury lodges and boutique hotels that usually work together with family businesses and service providers from the region and place special emphasis on sustainability.
Whether tour guides, service staff, cooks, artists, winegrowers, organic farmers, manufacturers or craftsmen, they all live from luxury tourism.

Bio Garten AustralienThe same applies to the numerous local environmental – and animal protection projects, which would probably not be able to do such a great job locally without the support of high-quality tourism. For example, during our stay at the Saffire Lodge in Tasmania we adopted the Tasmanian Devil Malcom and thus supported the “Save the Tasmanian Devil” program.

Tasmanischer Teufel Almost 700,000 people in Australia are financially directly dependent on tourism.
Reconstruction can only succeed if people do not lose the basis of their income!
By the way, this also applies to Kangaroo Island, where a large part of the famous attractions are undamaged and open. The legendary Southern Ocean Lodge has unfortunately been destroyed by fire, but is to be rebuilt. I am very happy about this, because this hotel was one of the most beautiful and best I have ever been to!

Australia is big!

Think of the dimensions. With almost 7.7 million square kilometres, Australia is 21 times as big as Germany!
Yes, in some places there are still terrible fires burning, but a large part of the continent is safe to travel. For comparison: Wouldn’t you travel to Portugal because there are fires in Poland and Greece?
If you want to know more about this topic, the Tourism Australia website provides detailed information about the areas affected by the fire and the current safety situation: : Tourism Australia

Three ideas for the next Australia trip!

On my next trips to Australia I want to get to know new places and deepen some impressions. I show you a selection of my travel ideas:

1. Northwest of Australia: Kimberley

No matter where and whom I asked in Australia what I absolutely had to see, I was always raving about the Kimberley region! One of my travel dreams is definitely a Kimberley tour with the True North.

I’m not a cruise fan, quite the opposite, but an adventure ship with only 18 cabins and its own helicopter can hardly be compared to conventional ship tours.

Ashore as well, the region offers many nature experiences and breathtaking landscapes! Here I would like to spend some nights in El Questro Homestead.

Australien Kimberley Tour SchiffAustralien Kimberley HotelAustralien Kimberley Wasserfall

2. East Cost: Lord Howe Island

Green mountains, white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue South Pacific await you here. The volcanic island is the perfect destination to relax and unwind in paradisiacal surroundings.
The Capella Lodge  with only nine suites seems to me to be the perfect accommodation here.
Lord Howe Island ReiseideeLord Howe Island Capella LodgeAustralien Capella Lodge Essen

3. In the heart of the Outbacks

Even though I have already visited the red heart of Australia twice, I am drawn there again! I cannot escape the attraction of Uluru and the unique red landscape. The question about the hotel does not arise for me, as I would also book the Longitude 131 for the third time and wake up with the view on the holy mountain.

Reading tip: Longitude 131 – in the heart of Australia & Field of Light Australia

Longitude 131 Uluru View

Field of Light Tour am UluruOutback Australien von oben

Donations for aid organisations!

I am convinced that donations can help if they get into the right hands. And because I know that it is very difficult to find a serious organization, I would like to briefly introduce two organizations to which I have spend donations to. I also show you a way how you can check if the association you want to support is officially recognized.

Wires -Wildlife Rescue
The organisation is based in New South Wales, this state is particularly hard hit by the fires. However, the donations are used in all states to save the wildlife.
Webseite Wires

Wildlife Victoria

As the name suggests, this relief organisation is based in the state of Victoria and is committed to rescuing injured and orphaned wild animals.
Webseite Wildlife Victoria

Other Organisations
If you would like to donate to another charity, you can check this Australian government website to see if the charity is serious and official: ACNC Australia

Kängurus Rettungsstation Alice SpringsWant to read more about Australia?


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