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Fratuschi was inspired by my passion for individual luxury holidays, extraordinary experiences and stylish hotels. I share unique moments with my readers: professional driving training on ice and snow of Lapland, a helicopter flight to a private picnic at Whitehaven Beach in Australia, or New Year’s Eve on the North Sea island of Sylt.

Fratuschi is one of just a few German-language travel blogs specializing in premium segment international luxury journeys. Fratuschi is a travel magazine that caters to adults with high quality tastes. My articles are serious and empiric, but with a pinch of humor.


Who is Fratuschi – Do we fit together?

As a rule, I travel with my husband, who has worked for decades in the field of customer experience and is an excellent photographer.

Fratuschi focuses on luxury travel and exclusive experiences. We prefer boutique hotels with charm or grand hotels with history.

For us, the most decisive factors for choosing a hotel are always the location and the view. We pay special attention to the fine details of customer experience. Service quality, friendliness and an atmosphere of well-being are more important to us than image, size and perfection.

We seek out true pearls for readers: a holiday in Rome with a five-star hotel is wonderful, but attending a private concert in the Sistine Chapel is one-of-a-kind. Uluru in the Outback is impressive, but waking to a view of the sacred rock is unforgettable.

We travel to satiate our curiosity and seek out the joy of beautiful moments – this is exactly what Fratuschi conveys.

Long before the idea for this travel magazine was born, we were regular guests on the international luxury stage. We have never been fond of decadence and arrogance. Sustainability and respect, especially for nature, are always in the foreground – as a matter of course and without a wagging finger.

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Why work with Fratuschi?

70.4 percent of digital users—40.96 million people (in Germany)—are interested in travel and holiday destinations. This preference is particularly pronounced among women over 30 with high incomes.
(Source: AGOF facts & figures „Reise“ – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung e.V. July 2018)

This group of people has the largest readership on Fratuschi.

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Work with Fratuschi.

You would like to introduce your hotel, your destination, your service or your product to my readers?
You know that professional quality is not free? That pleases me! I would like to cooperate with you in press trips as well as reviews or content creation.

Let us talk: sabine(at)

Please note: to ensure absolute transparency with my readers, all advertising is marked as such, and I do not sell “do follow” links.


What Fratuschi does not offer:

Fratuschi is a serious blog that remains true to its “luxury travel” moto! If you think I, a business economist and luxury traveler in my early 40s, am interested in pitches about how I should advertise your sheet metal jewelry or colorful plastic mobile phone cases, then this is not going to work. Please do not send unsolicited products of any kind. Also, I also do not offer link placements for your online casino or similar sites—not even paid! All inquiries that are illegal, defaults, good customs or good taste, are going to be ignored. Save yourself (and us) the trouble!


  • Official Blog Launch: 01/2016
  • DRKPI- Ranking: 1st Place Tourism (D-A-CH)  for over 12 month.
  • 2019 & 2020 Part of the Top 50 German travel blogs (Touristik Medien Choice / ITB)
  • Visitors per month: ≈ appx. 17.000
  • Page Views per month: ≈ appx. 57.000
  • Since 03/2018 many articles are also available in an English version.

Detailed information about target groups further information and figures can be found in my media kit.


I look forward to serious collaboration requests.