The 5 most stunning hotel bathtubs in Australia

Have a bath – a time-out for body and soul, whether alone or for two. I love it with a glass of wine and soft music.
I could spend hours in the bath all around feeling comfortably and safe. Especially when the object of desire stands in an exceptional environment with a breathtaking view.
Especially in Australia you will find great bathtubs and I admit it is an important criterion in my hotel selection.
I’ve either bathed myself in the bathtubs that I’m presenting to you or they stand on my wish list for the next trip to Australia.
Dive with me into the most beautiful hotel bathtubs in Australia.

El Questo -Kimberley

A maximum of 18 guests can stay at El Questo Homestead in the Kimberley area.
Located directly on the breathtaking Chamerlain Gorge, the outdoor bathtubs of the three Cliff Side Retreats offer a phenomenal view.
This hotel is already planned for our upcoming trip!
El Questo Website

El Questo Kimberley Bathtub
Press Photo El Questo

Press Photo El Questo

Longitude 131 – Northern Territory

The Longitude 131 is an icon of the Australian hotel industry! In the red heart of Australia with a direct view of the holy Ulruru.
Only 16 luxury tents count the lodge and one of them is a very special gem.
The Dune Pavillion has a soaking tub that overlooks the outback panorama up to Kata Tjuta. This is unique!
If you want to know more about the lodge, you will find my detailed article about the Longitude 131 here.
Website Longitude131

Bathtub Outback
Press Photo Longitude 131

Longitude 131 Bathtub
Press Photo Longitude 131

Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo Island

The Southern Ocean Lodge is one of the top hotels in Australia and one of my favorites. It sits enthroned on the cliffs of Hanson Bay with a spectacular view of the Southern Ocean.
Exactly this view you have from the bathtubs of most of the 21 suites but especially grandiose from the Osprey Pavillion.
Southern Ocean Lodge Website

Press Photo Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge Bathtub View
Press Photo Southern Ocean Lodge

Qualia – Hamilton Island

Located in close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, the Qualia Resort with 60 villas is one of the island’s smaller luxury resorts. The Windward Pavilions are definitely among the most beautiful hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. In addition to the private pool overlooking the Coral Sea, the bathtub also offers a tropical-looking view between lush green plants and the ocean.
Webseite des Qualia Resort.

Qualia Resort Bathtub

Qualia Resort Bathtub Queensland
Press Photo Qualia Resort

Mount Mulligan – Queensland

In the remote outback of North Queensland, at the foot of majestic Mount Mulligan, lies this luxury with a maximum of 16 guests.
From the deep outdoor bathtub on the terrace of the Outback Suite, you can see eucalyptus trees and the sparkling weir. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is certainly right!
Mount Mulligan Website

Outdoor Bathtub Mount Mulligan
Press Photo Mount Mulligan

Press Photo Mount Mulligan

These were my five most beautiful bathtubs in Australia. On my next trip, I’m sure there will be more.
Have you also dabbled in a very special hotel bath that will always be remembered?
I’m looking forward to your tips!

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