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Although he had been living in Sydney for several years, the Englishman Bruce Munro had never visited the red heart of Australia. But before he went back to England, he once wanted to have seen the Uluru. This encounter with the holy mountain changed his life forever.

He made his first sketch for a light installation, and more than 20 years later he came back and in 2016 let the Field of Light become reality at the place of his inspiration.

Field of Light Tour am UluruOutback in der Dämmerung Field of Light

Field of Light at the Uluru.

The Field of Light by British artist Bruce Munro is an impressive light installation of 50,000 solar-powered glass spheres covering 49,000 square meters. The frosted glass balls are connected to glass fibers and change their color slowly and gently. Like bright flowers in the night: blue, violet, white, green, not straight, more like a meadow of flowers in the wind, the sea of lights feels to me.
The exhibition was planned until 2017 but thanks to its great success you can visit it until December 31, 2020. Update: This exhibition will remain permanent!

The Aboriginal people allowed and supported the installation.
They even gave her a name “Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku” which you can translate to “looking at many beautiful lights”.

Field of Light Australia Northern territoryField of Light Details der Lichtinstallation

Field of Light bei Nacht

Field of Light – Touren & Tickets

Field of Light – Tours & Tickets.

Whether a guided tour through the ocean of lights, a combined camel tour or a helicopter flight over the artwork, there is the right tour for every taste.
The prices are between 25, – and 380, – Euro.
It is not possible to arrive by your own car. You will be picked up by a bus near to one of the Ayers Rock hotels.

More information & tickets.

We were guests of the Longitude 131, therefore before the first tour starts at the Field of light we were able to enjoy the atmosphere in peace and with less than 30 people. This is a special service offered by the luxury lodge.

Weg Field of Light

Blaue Glaskugeln Field of Light

Field of Light Albany

Since October 04, 2018, there was another light installation in Australia by Bruce Munro, the Field of Light Albany in Western Australia. This art exhibition with 16,000 glass balls ran until April 26, 2019. It is dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers of the First World War.
More information: Field of Light Albany

Field of Light – the artist.

Bruce Munro is known for his large light installations, which often consist of thousands of components. He has been installing his first Field of Light in England since 2004. It was followed by other exhibitions in the US, Mexico, Denmark and South Korea.

In addition to the Field of Light Bruce Munro creates many more light installations, a look at his homepage is worthwhile: Bruce Munro

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