Luxury Honeymoon: From Tasmania along the east coast of Australia over Sydney into the rainforest, through the Outback to South Australia.

To be able to be so short when describing this spectacular trip is especially hard for me. This was definitely one of the most incredible and breathtaking trips of my life and I will try to pull myself together and only tell you about the most important moments.

Extensive articles about each city and their hotels will follow soon. But first, I want you to get excited for this beautiful country and yes! It is definitely worth the long trip!

Luxusreise durch Australien Überblick

Above the clouds

Dusseldorf – Dubai approx. 6h
We intentionally did not choose a long layover in Dubai. You can easily spend a couple of hours at the airport and its Emirates Lounge

Dubai – Sydney with A380 approx. 13h
We slept well and the flight felt shorter than expected.

Important: At the first international airport you arrive to, you have to be aware you’re entering their country. This means, even if you´re traveling onward to another country or destination, you´ll still have to get your luggage and get it through customs.

After entering in Sydney we continued to Tasmania.

Sydney – Hobart approx. 1,5 h

Here we are! Let’s start the Luxury Honeymoon!

Outback - Luxusreise durch Australien

On the ground

The Australian Traveller Magazine published the 13 Top Luxus Lodges 2015 . You can find six of them in our list:

1. Hobart – Tasmanien
Hotel: Islington – 1 Night

2. Hobart –  Freycinet Peninsula, Coles Bay by car approx. 2,5h
Hotel: Saffire Lodge – 3 Nights

3. Blue Mountains – New South Wales
From Sydney 4h chauffeur service.
Hotel: One & Only – Emirates Wolgan Valley – 4 Nights
Here you can read my story about the Blue Mountains and the Wolga Valley

4. Sydney – New South Wales
Hotel: Park Hyatt  – 3 Nights
I´m in Love with Sydney

5. Sydney – Hamilton Island – Queensland/Great Barrier Reef approx 2,5h
HotelQualia Resort – 3 Nights
My Impressions from the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach.

6. Mossman/Port Douglas – Queensland
Flight to Cairns approx. 1,5h
Hotel: Silky Oaks Lodge – 3 Nights

7. Uluru – Northern Territory
Flight to  Alice Springs approx. 2,5h and 0,5h to Uluru
Hotel: Longitude 131 – 3 Nights

8. The Ghan – Alice Springs to Adelaide – South Australia
Train: The Ghan – 1 Night

9. Kangaroo Island – South Australia
From Adelaide to Kingcote / Kangaroo Island approx. 0,5h
1h private hotel transfer
Hotel: Southern Ocean Lodge – 3 Nights

10. Barossa Valley – South Australia
From Adelaide 4h chauffeur service
Hotel: Kingsfort Homestead – 2 Nights

Back home from Adelaide over Dubai to Dusseldorf.


Planung Luxusreise durch Australien

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