Longitude 131 – Sleep Under the Stars of the Outback.

What would a trip to Australia be without seeing the Outback and touching the red earth? It would be incomplete! Why? Because here you are in the heart of Australia. Because the blue of the sky, the red of the earth, and the green of the spinifex grass create a surreal atmosphere. Because the starry sky puts the Milky Way within your reach, and the concert of crickets and dingoes every night is unique.

Roter Sand an der Hand mit Uluru im HintergrundAnd then there’s Uluru. The holy mountain, formerly called Ayers Rock, has a magical attraction. Several times a day, the mood of the lighting changes and the mountain looks different again and again. Sometimes it looks purple or bright orange, then burning red. It’s a fascinating spectacle that no one can miss. Also, the rock groups Kata Tjuta and the Kings Canyon are places you must experience. If you really want to immerse yourself in the history and magic of this place, you need time. Although they are often mentioned together, I strongly advise against a single day trip to them from Alice Springs, especially since the distance between the two is 280 miles.

Twice we travelled to the Outback to Uluru and spent 3 nights on each trip. If you also want to indulge yourself in the landscape and its colors, I recommend an icon of the Australian luxury lodges: the Longitude 131.

Longitude 131 am Uluru von oben
Press photo Longitude 131

Longitude 131- Glamping at the Highest Level.

The Longitude 131 is closer to Uluru than any other hotel. From each of the 16 luxury tents, you have a direct view of the sacred rock. From the Dune Pavilion (the Premium Suite) you can see both Uluru and Kata Tjuta, which is unique in Australia.
The interior design and decorations give a touch of the old spirit of discovery, paired with the classic British design and Aboriginal art. It’s an extraordinary and very atmospheric mixture.

Longitude 131 Suite im OutbackZelt Longitude 131 TentLuxury Tent Impressionen

The core of each tent is the bed, from which you can look directly through the huge glass front onto Uluru. You can see the Outback’s magnificent play of colors from the bed – an unforgettable experience!  Another highlight is the terrace with fireplace and daybed.
The Dune Pavillion also has its own small plunge pool and a bathtub with a view of Kata Tjuta!

Luxuszelt mit Badewanne und Blick
Press photo Longitude 131

Champagner am Uluru

Longitude 131 – Experience & Enjoy.

The reception, bar and restaurant are located in the large main tent – the Dune House. You can help yourself to drinks and snacks all day long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. This is part of the Baillie-Lodges service and concept, which also includes the famous Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island.

Lovingly and creatively arranged, the food is not only eye-catching but also fantastic to taste!

Gourmet Food im Longitude 131Catering im Longitude 131

A special highlight is the “Private Dune Dinner” which is served on a small hill near the Dune House.
At sunset, you can look out over Uluru and Kata Tjuta and sit under the stars. With only the light of a small red lamp, you will enjoy a 3-course meal. I promise you, you cannot turn your gaze away from the firmament. The starry sky in Australia is impressive. Especially in the Outback, you feel as if you are sitting in outer space. Here you can discover stars, planets, galaxies and the Milky Way, and see all their colors with the naked eye. This is not only due to the absence of air and light pollution but also to low humidity. A comparable view can only be found on isolated mountains or at the poles.
After dinner, you can expect a burning fireplace, a prepared daybed with Couple-Swag (a thick sleeping bag for two people) and a digestive on your terrace.

Have a good night under heaven’s tent!

Terrasse mit Blick auf Uluru bei Nacht
Press photo Longitude 131

Longitude 131 – More than a Hotel.

It’s not without reason that the Longitude 131 is one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. In addition to its unique location, the Lodge concept also includes a comprehensive excursion program. Every day, you can experience and get to know the Outback and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park on guided tours. Some examples are: Uluru at sunset, a 7-mile base-walk around the mountain, the Mala Walk, exploring Walpa George and Kata Tjuta, Table 131 with star tour, or visiting the Aboriginal Cultural Center. In all their tours and events, great importance is attached to respecting for the environment and the indigenous people of Australia – the Aborigines and their customs. All tour guides have received special training and recognition from Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and bring their guests closer to the traditions and stories of this sacred place.

As always, it’s the little details that make a special difference between the Longitude 131 and the other hotels:
The Field of Light by the artist Bruce Munro is a popular attraction near Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park.
A visit to the light installation is not only included, guests of the Longitude 131 even get exclusive access before the opening in the evening.
We were there before the tour buses and were able to take our time watching the sea of lights in a group of less than 30 people.

Field of Light Glasleuchten

By the way, you will also be well looked after on the tours. There was always enough water; you’ll need it there in the heat. By the way, you get it in reusable drinking bottles and not, as you often see it, in small disposable plastic bottles. A nice surprise is also the little champagnes and canapés that wait at the end of some tours.

In addition to the aforementioned guided tours, you can also book private tours. During our first trip into the Outback, we booked a private helicopter flight at sunrise over Uluru, Kata Tjuta and the Kings Canyon, as well as a short hike through the Kings Canyon. Three years later, we were guided by an Aborigine guide and a SEIT-Guide for a day in the Outback and explored Patji Land. I can recommend both experiences unreservedly.

Despite the many discovery tours and events, there is still enough time to jump into the pool or to indulge in the spa.

Hotel Pool mit Blick auf den UluruWellness Longitude 131

Longitude 131 – Conclusion.

The Longitude 131 is more an experience than just a hotel in the Outback – luxury that doesn’t feel out of touch with the reality or unnatural. The service is perfect, the tours excellently organized, and the staff and guides are always cordial and passionate. We were so impressed by this hotel and its surroundings that we were the only ones to visit it a second time within three years. And we would do it again and again…

Per night per person: approx. 950 euro. Minimum stay: two nights. Total for two nights with two people: 3.800 euro

In addition to the usual amenities offered by a hotel in the price range, the service includes transfer to/from the airport, all food and drinks (including good wines, champagne and other spirits), as well as various tours and national park fees.

By the way, there is an internet connection in the middle of the Outback – which is of course also included. I recommend you to take the “Classic Uluru” package because the three days go by in a flash. So you can take part in all tours in a relaxed way. Package cost: approx. 5.000 euro for two people.

Longitude 131
Yulara Drive
Yulara NT 0872 Australia
Telefon (61) 08 8957 7131

The Longitude 131 is one of the 18  “Luxury Lodges of Australia“. We visited 8 of them and always loved it!

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(Translated by Barbara Riedel)

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