Come with Me to Santanyi and Cala Figuera.

I had never seen the island like this! Mallorca shines in succulent green, almond blossoms are almost gone and cherry blossoms paint a beautiful pink landscape. On every corner, herbs and trees exude their rich and sweet fragrances.

It was the beginning of March. The weather forecast predicted 18 degrees, but we got lucky and were enjoying 25 degrees and beautiful skies. Only a few tourists were around and most of them tortured themselves by using a bike. Some restaurants and shops were closed till the end of March, but there was no hectic, no stress, just calm and quiet.

Mallorca im Frühjahr - alles ist grün!Mallorca im Frühjahr KirschblüteMallorca im Frühjahr Schafe

Santanyi –small town with flair.

Our first stop on this Mallorca trip was Santanyi in the south east of the island, approx. 45min by car from Palma.

I was invited by Living Houses Santanyi to spend three nights in their outstanding houses. If you want to know more about them, take a look at my article: Luxury townhouses instead of a fincastle (only in german). The invitation had special meaning to me as I had visited Santanyi a short time earlier while getting married on Mallorca.

I love the small alleys where light and shadow create a beautiful atmosphere amidst the houses with the typical warm, Mediterranean light on the sandstone-walls that immediately feels like holiday.

Mallorca im Frühjahr SantanyiMallorca im Fruehjahr-SantanyiMallorca im Frühjahr Hund in Santanyi

Many Germans have permanently moved here and opened restaurants or boutique shops. Some are also service providers such as architects, interior designers, doctors or realtors. Most of the time I look at these kinds of developments with a lot of skepticism. However, in Santanyi it did not give me a bad impression. But if you dislike being addressed in German in some restaurants, Santanyi is not the place for you.

Santanyi Market.

Santanyi has a really beautiful market, Placa Major, where you can find the 18th century church Sant Andreu next to restaurants and cafes. Here are no typical tourist stores with air mattresses or souvenirs. The city centre is pristine and well looked after.Kirche Santanyi MallorcaMallorca im Frühjahr Placa Major Santanyi

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 1pm, you can visit the weekly market. Fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese and of course Flor de Sal from the salines in Es Trenc are available to purchase. Additionally, you can find art, jewellery and other items. On market days, the town is full, even outside holiday season. While the Placa Major is in the centre, you can find small boutiques, decoration shops and unique stores in small alleys. If you only want to visit Santanyi for one day, I recommend going on a market day.

Markttag in Santanyi auf MallorcaSantanyi Markt Mallorca im FrühjahrMarkt in Santanyi auch im Frühjahr

My restaurant recommendations for Santanyi.

Es Cantonet – Plaça d’en F. Bernareggi, 2, 07650 Santanyí

While traveling for our wedding, we had dinner with friends at the Es Cantonet. I cannot help but recommend it. The restaurant itself has only a few tables, so I recommend booking ahead of time, even during low season. In the months of summer, I recommend a table in the inner yard.

Es Cantonet SantanyiEs Cantonet EssenEs Moli – Carrer Consolació, 19, 07650 Santanyí,

At the Es Moli you can be seated inside or outside. It is a little more spacious than Es Cantonet and tapas are on the menu.

Es Moli SantanyiEs Moli Tapas MallorcaSa Botiga – Carrer del Roser, 2, 07650 Santanyí

Located directly by the church, this restaurant has a great outside seating area. Here you can sit and watch the market place and the church. There are only a few tables available inside. We had breakfast and dinner there and were very happy, especially with the friendly service.

Sa Botiga SantanyiHotel Santanyi – Plaça de la Constitució, 7, 07650 Santanyí

Hotel Santanyi also offered a very welcoming atmosphere. There we had breakfast on a market day. The breakfast buffet can be enjoyed either inside or in the protected inner yard.

Mallorca im Frühjahr Hotel SantanyiFurther recommendations from other travellers:

Goli – Carrer Portell, 14, 07650 Santanyí,

Anoa – Carrer de s’Aljub, 32, 07650 Santanyí

A trip to Cala Figuera.

From Santanyi you can take a 10 minute ride to Cala Figuera. The village itself is not spectacular, and the highlight awaits you at the harbour.

Classic tourism is not present. Instead, old buildings are renovated and you can find high-class vacation apartments and other residences. The Fig-Bay is one of the most pristine fishing ports on Mallorca. What makes it special is the divide in the bay, where beautiful boating houses create a dreamlike scene for a photo.

Fotos Mallorca im FrühjahrCala Figuera Weg HafenHafen Cala FigueraBoote Hafen Cala Figuera

Along the shores, you can walk the arms of the bay. There you can find fishermen repairing their nets and tending to their boats. A beautiful path goes along the green wooden gates. You better wear good shoes. At the end of the second arm there is a stairway to your left that takes you to a lighthouse at the entrance of the bay.

Spiegelungen fotografieren Cala Figuera MallorcaHäuser Cala FigueraFotografie Cala Figuera

Picturesque, but …

No matter where you stand, you will always see the two-star hotel Villa Serena at the head of the bay. You surely have a great view from the hotel itself, but the building disturbs the whole scenery.

Directly behind the hotel, you can enjoy the view from the cliffs to the lighthouse and the open sea. The Cala Figuera is a popular travel destination. So popular that even in March several busses with tourists arrived. On the narrow paths, the crowds can spoil your picturesque atmosphere.

My recommendation: get to Cala Figuera early in the morning, so you can enjoy the beautiful bay.

Mallorca im Frühjahr Cala FigueraMallorca im Frühjahr Cala Figuera Leuchtturm

There are some restaurants directly above the bay where you can relax and drink water, beer or coffee. I cannot personally give restaurant recommendations, though.

Mallorca in spring is a definite recommendation.

In spring, Mallorca is beautiful and very different from the summer time. Not all hotels and restaurants are opened yet, but it is peacefully calm.

(Translated by Barbara Riedel)

Visiting the island in December was also recommended to me. Have you been on Mallorca during winter? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Ive never been to Mallorca, or spain! These look like great pics. Im sure spring is the best time to visit. I like to tour around when its not too hot or not too cold!

    • Fratuschi Reply

      Hello Harmony,
      Yes, Spring is the best time to visit Mallorca and tour around the island.
      Sunny Greetings

  2. I love those blossoms even in March! Those empty lanes and the small town vibe, no wonder some Germans moved here permanently 😀 Hope to see Mallorca one day!

    • Fratuschi Reply

      Hello Shivani,

      I´m so in love with this blossoms.
      Hope, you will see Mallorca one day.

  3. Wow, Santanyi looks wonderful (nice doggy pic too – well captured!) I think Mallorca is somewhere I could hang out for an extended period and just soak up the culture and atmosphere. I love that they’re renovating old buildings rather than knocking them down and build monstrosities.

    • Fratuschi Reply

      Hi Jay,
      oh yes. Mallorca is a place to stay for longer! Santanyi is a such a beautiful place to see this nice old houses.

  4. Michelle Joy Reply

    This looks like such a pretty place to visit in spring!I love all of your photos of the boats!

  5. Gemma laing Reply

    Really nice post! I think it’s great to read about Majorca, I’ve not read much about the island before but I’m pretty keen to go!

    • Fratuschi Reply

      Hi Gemma,

      thank you! Maybe you will visit Mallorca in Spring, really think you would love it!

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